Pregnancy and Your Dental Health

I’ve noticed that my gums seem to bleed when I brush. Is this normal?

Yes, during pregnancy due to hormonal changes your body is going through, this may occur. It’s commonly referred to as “pregnancy gingivitis”. The hormonal changes may cause your gums to be more easily irritated by the buildup of plaque.

I’m due for a checkup in the middle of my pregnancy, should I cancel my appointment?

No, please don’t cancel your appointment. Dental visits are completely safe and recommended during pregnancy. In fact, we may even ask you to come in for an additional visit to help with pregnancy gingivitis if necessary.

Oh no, I have a cavity. Should I have it filled now?

Yes, it is safe to have your cavity filled while pregnant. Taking care of a decayed tooth now will help prevent a dental infection which could cause more severe problems later.

If you are pregnant and have additional questions about your dental care during pregnancy, please give us a call. We can schedule an appointment for you and answer all of your questions. We are here to help you have a safe and healthy pregnancy!